Why should you use our services?
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Why should you use our services?

Why should you use our services?

365 Storage is your all time storage partner. It is like your second home where you can store all your extra and unwanted stuff.We take all the safety measures and precautions to protect your valuables from any kind of damage. We ensure you get it back, as you gave it to us.

Why 365 Storage is the best option?

1. Absolute Safety and Security:
365 Storage ensures full safety of your valuables.We have CCTV cameras installed and security guards, guarding your stuff 24/7.

2. Minimal Rent:
We try to provide you good quality service at cheapest rates possible.

3. Pest control:
We do pest control in our warehouses, every month.

4. Pick up and Packaging facility:
We pick up your stuff from your doorstep and we also provide Packaging facility as per your requirement.

5. Insurance of your goods:
Incase you need to insure your items , We will connect you to an Insurer and you can contact them directly.

6. Store All types of items :
Our storage space is designed to store all variety of items ( except those banned by the Government of India ).

7. Easy to get back your stuff :
When you want it back, just call us in advance and we will return it back to you within 24/48 hours.

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